mattingly family dentistry: smart, targeted messages build patient base

In our first planning session, Dr. Mattingly identified both his target patients:

  • Patients who are looking to build a trusting relationship—a partnership for dental health
  • Patients and parents of patients who are open and willing to be compliant with our recommendations
  • Patients and parents of patients who are proactive about their dental health

And the kind of care he wanted to be known for:

  • Solid clinical skills
  • Professional physical setting
  • Superior Staff

Using this as a guide, CareConnect helped Dr Mattingly take the money he had been spending each month on Yellow Page ads and redirect that to more targeted communication and education tactics, including

  • A new brand that reflected the key attributes and messages of the practice
  • Targeted post card mailings for current patients, such as patients who had not been in for more than 6 months and patients who had work that remained to be done and had met the deductible in their dental plan that calendar year.
  • A new, functional website that provided an attractive view of the professional setting and superior staff and allowed patients to request appointments online.
  • A Facebook presence that can promote special incentives and create a dialog with his patients and his community.

As a result, Dr Mattingly’s practice has grown.  There is less down time due to open spots in the schedule and more efficiency due to the online scheduling.   All of these have a direct, positive impact on his bottom line. 

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