strategic innovation

291962 253122948055253_4103395_nWhether a standing board of directors or an ad-hoc committee, real teams form and succeed when they experience the high of solving real problems together. The basis of Strategic Innovation's approach to innovation lies in helping teams experience that high. 

With expert facilitation based on a proven 7-step problem-solving process, teams can make the most of their time commitments. Together they can

  • Identify their key priorities
  • Set meaningful objectives and goals
  • Develop specific steps for moving forward
  • Agree on methods for measuring what they achieve and
  • Experience the joy of making a real difference to their organizations and the volunteers and clients they serve.

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Developing Highly Effective Marketing and Communication for Not-for-Profits

Who are the people critical to your success—both inside and outside your organization? Do you know your key stakeholders—and do you have a specific concrete plan to interact with them?

If you feel your mission and values no longer drive your organization or you haven't yet gone through the exercise of identifying your stakeholders and determining if you have media strategies to get your message across, you may be missing important opportunities for support.
Strategic Innovation can help you

  • Map your current communication and marketing efforts

  • Evaluate what is working and what is not

  • Design a comprehensive strategy to maximize your return on your marketing budget.

Our services include

  • Branding—development and implementation of values-based graphic identity

  • Strategic Planning—creating a comprehensive 12-month plan of activities

  • Media design and development—for print, video, social media

  • Staff development and training to bring your values and message to life

Case Studies

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