MHAGC: a process for board renewal

When Martha Shriver took over as Executive Director for The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago, the organization had been in existence for over 40 years.  Her board members, a mixture of founding members and new recruits, were unclear on their mission and needed to examine their goals and commit to a course of action—or face the total breakdown of the association.       

Following interviews with members—where they described their meetings as “treading water,” “an animal stalking it’s prey,” and “a dull overcast day with occasional squalls”—Jane designed a one-day offsite workshop to help the group set goals and learn to work more effectively as a team.    

As a result of the session, some of the original members were able to “let go” and know that their legacy would continue, and the newer members were able to agree on initiatives that they could passionately support.